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Co-Founder & Board Member

Jitesh Avlani

Jitesh is Managing Director for Cargill TSF, which provides financial solutions, structuring expertise, trade finance & risk management. Additionally, he is also the Country Manager for Cargill Singapore.


Jitesh has served on several global corporate committees. From 2009 till 2014, he served on the Corporate Brand Reputation Committee, and since 2014 he has been on the corporate Business Ethics and Compliance Committee.

Over the years, Jitesh has held several leadership roles globally, including Global Business Unit Leader for Cargill Ferrous International (CFI) in Singapore. Jitesh also led the expansion of Cargill's steel processing activities. The business eventually grew to occupy a premier leading position amongst independent steel trading companies and is now called Cargill Metals Supply Chain Business Unit.

In 2006, Jitesh was appointed Chairman, Cargill India, based in Delhi, where he acquired supervisory responsibility for all of Cargill's businesses in India. Jitesh returned to Singapore in 2008, where he took on the role of Business Unit leader for the Energy Transportation and Industrial Platform's Asia Business Unit (BU). In this role, Jitesh was responsible for the platform's activities across Asia, focusing on the customer and asset strategies. He then joined TSF in January 2012.

Jitesh is also an active member of the Gujarati community, focusing on promoting cultural & social cohesiveness. In addition, he is an established mentor providing support to wide-ranging individuals from university to mid and senior business executives.

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